Ewy gooey mushy poem

I need someone

Who will let me

Splatter my mess

Across their canvas

And still, think

It’s a masterpiece


You Have To Be Friends With My Angels And My Demons

if I open up to you-
dig deep.

I’m hiding scratches
on my vinyl-
they’re there, just look close enough.

Rip open the floor boards,
I keep my best kept
secrets under there.

Say hello to
my angels for me-
say hello to
my demons for me.

An Unwanted Drought

My young body has become
filled with bones
composed of wilted flowers.

My now pale skin has been
peeled back,
layer after thin layer.

My once radiant eyes are
being replaced
by rotting plums.

My veins used to run through
my body without imperfections,
now they’re knotted all over.

My mind has come to the
realization that this is the result
of a dehydration of emotion.


It feels like
a field of flowers
that have been ripped
from the soil they called home

Like staring into
a shattered mirror,
trying to put yourself
back together piece by piece

Looking into the eyes
of that beautiful creature
confined within the walls
of a zoo

The thought of
taking your mask off,
extracting the darkest parts of yourself
and spitting it out onto paper

The sight of a hummingbird
coming to an end,
suddenly losing the life inside
of its infinitesimal chest


Soon, I promise

Reading each other’s books

Underneath the covers at 3 am

Only pausing to flip over the record

Waking up before you

So I can hand you a cup of coffee

From your favorite cafe

Laying in the same spot in our favorite park

For the third day in a row

While we draw pictures of what we see in the clouds

Writing you little notes to slip in your pocket

When you’re not paying attention

Sipping wine from this morning’s coffee cups

Thinking if I could stay in one moment of time

It would be this one


my heart is a fragile thing

impossible to just drown in sips of whiskey

sometimes it needs a breath of crisp air

so I leave the windows cracked

every single one

occasionally it wants to dance

so I dig out those heals

and twist to you never can tell by chuck berry

I wouldn’t want it any other way

Undeniably Pulchritudinous

I hope you notice
All the light in her eyes

I hope you notice
The delicate curls in her hair

I hope you notice
Her faintly merlot stained lips

I hope you notice
How her words flow from her tongue

I hope you notice
Her moon painted skin

I hope you notice
Her reckless mind


Be careful with my body

Gentle with your hands

Conscious of your weight

Trace my collarbones with the softest parts of your fingers

I’ve been thrown around more times than I show

The bruises have faded but the memories have not

Please don’t be just another skeleton